Mabeco Tours is prepared to assist your Company or Enterprise to achieve your goals. We offer several types of services that are specifically directed to optimize your operation in Mozambique.


Services we provide:

  • Private transfers and car hire with driver;
  • Logistic support in remote and isolated areas (fixed or mobile camping assembly, maintenance and management) – we provide electricity, water, catering, waste management, plague and disease control and communications;
  • Organization of events and conferencing.



Fully equipped Toyota Land Cruiser HZ 4.2 TD

Toyota Granvia


Mabeco Tours Equipment:

Mabeco Tours has state of the art equipment that is fully integrated in its 4X4 vehicle. With this type of equipment, our team has the sufficient autonomy to enhance the work conditions by offering Comfort and Safety to all the persons involved. The Bush camps will be fully organised and serviced by our members, so that the technical team can work in a more productive and organised environment. We have capacity to offer full service for up to 7 people in one vehicle, but we have capability of managing bigger groups.


Mabeco Tours Campaign Equipment:

  • Aluminium roof rack with extra resistant PVC cover with 3mX80 Cm;
  • Bow tents with campaign beds and extra comfortable mattresses;
  • Fuel Jerry cans;
  • Gas bottle and grill;
  • 80 Litters water deposits;
  • 2 spare tyres;
  • Campaign tables;
  • Campaign chairs and benches;
  • Individual LED lanterns and Illumination lanterns for the camp;
  • Axe, Shovel and Ponga;
  • 1st Aid Kit;
  • Thermic sleeping bags with pillows;
  • Campaign Restroom with privacy;
  • 60 Litres Fridge/freezer;
  • Campaign shower;
  • Full Campaign Kitchen with a Chef.



Mabeco Tours survival Equipment:

  • 160 Litres double fuel tank for long range;
  • Double batteries system;
  • Full retrievement Kit;
  • Snorkel for river crossing;
  • Sand mats for deep sand terrain;
  • Puncture reparation Kits;
  • Front and back trailer hooks;
  • Full tool kit;
  • Reflecting vests for all the passengers;
  • Specialized bumper with extra illumination;
  • Winch for 3.5 tones;
  • Air compressor for tyres;
  • High lift Jack;
  • VHF Radio;
  • GPS Garmin Montana 600 with T4A mapping;
  • Binoculars for all occupants;
  • 12 V to 220 V invertor for electronic equipment charging up to 1200W;
  • Maps;
  • Walkie-talkie kit for communication.


Video and Photography Equipment:

  • DJI Phantom 4 Drone for aerial footage;
  • Canon Eos 600D body;
  • Canon Eos 650 D body;
  • 2X50 mm Lenses;
  • 1X250 mm Lenses;
  • 1 Tripod;
  • 1 GoPro Hero4 Black Edition with Suction cup;
  • Stick for the Gopro and fixed mounts;
  • 1 MacBook Pro 15’ with all the Post production Edition (Adobe Premiere Pro + Adobe After Effects + Adobe Sound boot);
  • 1X 2 Terabytes storage unit for images and videos;
  • 2 mini sd cards with 64 Gigabytes capacity.





António Alverca:

+258 84 885 99 92


Pedro Fonseca:

+258 84 033 97 29


Address: Magoé Business Center, Avenida Salvador Allende 316, Maputo, Moçambique